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Top 11 Social media marketing tips that every business owner must know to succeed online


For many small business owners getting started on social media can be overwhelming.

It is mostly because they are unaware of the advantage each platform can offer
and how social media marketing can boost their online presence.

Most of the small business make mistake in not knowing who their customers are, who their competition is against, how to keep their audience engaged and which right platform to choose.

One of the best benefits of social media is to connect directly with fans and potential customers.

If the strategy is implemented right that it can be great for building brand awareness, loyalty, and an effective lead generation. 

In this blog, I will show you 11 social media marketing tips that every business owner should know before they’re starting their journey on social media.

Tip#1. Having Smart Goals and objectives for your social media marketing activities

Smart goal defination
Social media marketing tip1# Goals should be SMART Image credit: Freepik

Every good business has good goals, so your social media should be too.
And it must follow the SMART Framework – That is  Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely 
For example:-

Increase unique visitors to our site by 3X from social networking sites in 5 months

FB fans by X members  in 8weeks

Increase blogs/newsletters subscription by X% in 4months

Increase twitter mentions by 500% in 6months

Make your goals on metrics that will have a real influence on your business. The right data encourage business owners to let know that their investment in social is paying off.

Tip#2 Know your social media audience

Social media marketing tip 2# Buyer persona  image source

Most of the marketing experts will say that the first step in creating a successful campaign is to know your audience very well.  The same thing holds true for social media.

It is very essential, that you need to figure out to whom you’re reaching on social media and where they can be found. To do this process you need a buyer persona.

A buyer persona is an imaginary representation of your ideal customer.

Few of the factors which should be considered while making the buyer persona are


– Location
– Income
– What is their pain point?
– Brands they follow 

It is important to relate your audience, without understanding their pain points, you cannot promote your product which will be going to solve their pain point. 

Hence it’s necessary to have a buyer persona for creating better content, which can provide value to the users according to their needs. So that they can relate and interact with your post ad, which increases the engagement rate.

You can always ask help from a Social Media expert to get started.

Tip#3 Do a social media audit

If your business is already on social media, then its the right time to evaluate what has been done till now.

Social media audit is a process where one evaluates the ongoing social media strategy, to know what worked and whatnot.

auditing in social media marketing plays an important role, gives you a clear picture of all your social activities
it is a single

Here is Hootsuite’s link for social media audit.

Tip#4 Create a social media calendar


Every good social media strategy requires regular publishing and keeping the audience engaged. To do that you need lots of good content ready, social media calendar

Above is  the example for the social media calendar

A social media calendar helps you stay organized and helps you in posting the right content to the right social platforms at the right time.

It can be used to track the performance of the past  and strategies for future posts

For content tip: start with the 80-20 rule:
80 percent of your content should inform, educate, or entertain your audience and 20 percent should be to promote your brand or sell your products.

Tip#5 Spy on competitors

If you’re starting out then it is very important for you to check for the competitive analysis. Because the competitors have already tried and tested recipe of what works and what doesn’t. 

So use that to your advantage. Obviously you don’t want to copy from the competitors, instead, you can learn from them and improvise the strategy. Which can save you from the long learning curve

The best way is to start with the big players, they have most followers count and engagement rate.

You can use facebook pages to identify your biggest competitors and you can compare them with your own page metrics  such as activity, engagement and audience growth

You should keep an eye on their email strategy too and their content. A good email marketing tips can get you the good result

The most important thing is to look at the engagement rate, competitors with high engagement rates are the one should focus on.


Tip#6 Find the right social media marketing platform  for your business


If you’re just starting out your social media marketing. It is better to watch out your competitors, on which platform they’re most active, analyze their activity and focus your efforts on those platforms.

By doing this, your chance of getting engagement rate with the relevant audience will double

Or you can start with the survey and your customers which platform they prefer or use the most.  

There are many social platforms that are there, but it doesn’t mean you have to be in all of them. You just need to put the focus on one or two platforms where you are getting more engagement rate

If you’ ’re already active on social media, then you should compare your audience size across the channels, your engagement rate and reach of the people. 

The ones which you’re getting good engagement rate is the one you must focus on.

Tip#7 Creating social media content with the right tools

Creating content takes time and to make social media more effective is to take advantage of tools helping you from creating graphics to curating content.

It will save you lots of time and simplify the work. 

Free images with no copyrights
sites will be pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash and for good vector designs  Freepik is great!

For graphics and video, my favorites will be Canva, VSCO because its ability to create design and videos from mobile.

Talking about video
Lumen5 is great too with its free ready template to use

For finding relevant content, Inoreader will help you discover the related content and keeps you updated with your favorite information sources(save web pages for viewing later and subscribe to social feeds).

Even with the free version, you can subscribe to many sources as you want.

Content curation it can be difficult for small business to share valuable content every day. That’s why content curation can be a good way to share

Quality posts from others, which can provide value and keep engaged with the audience. Tools  like Buzzsumo and pockets help you do that

For finding the right hashtags Rite tag the tool which gives you tag suggestions for text/images on any social network, just with the right-click on it.
It’s an absolute must-have tool for social media managers

For grammar checks, one can use Grammarly to fix any grammar issues. Sometimes the internet won’t be kind enough for the grammatical error.


Tip#8 Schedule your postings

It is advised to automate your posting routine so that you can save some good amount of time and focus on the other important things.

If you’re managing several social profiles at once, you can take help of the tools such as Hootsuite and social media poster.

Instead of switching between multiple tabs to post content in each separate network,
by using these tool you will be able to schedule all your content from one tab. 

Even you customize the posting schedule, whether to make the post live, later and draft to revisit it later.

Tip#9 Listen to your audience, what they say about you on social media platforms

Nobody likes to be ignored, they like to be heard and valued by their opinions. So does your audience.

There are two ways you can listen and reply to your audience

  • First one is to monitor your mention across the web and reply to them
  • second is to replying your follower’s message on the social

if you’re managing more than one social account then Buffer reply is the right tool to manage several social conversations in one place 

Other social monitoring tools such as SEMrush, brand24, and mention. Com helps you to track and categorize your brand mention online and find new promotional opportunities.

10. Keep your audience engage with more compelling visuals

Social images get the most attention. According to twitter’s internal data says that people are more likely to engage with tweets that have visual elements like gif, infographic, photo or video

According to a recent survey, most of the millennials have made travel plans or visited a restaurant based on the video/image shared by their friends on social media

Try different content formats, you can do live videos, quizzes or you can take pictures of your customers with the product.

For a change, you can go for memes, jokes but the most important metric to measure performance for all these content is the engagement rate. So that you know what is working and what is not.

Test and experiment with different formats of content and observe the audience’s reaction.

Social media marketing is all about experimenting and innovating to get the attention of the customers.

11. Build relationships

What makes social media different from the other marketing channels is it’s direct communication with the customers.

You can earn trust and build your relationship over time using social media by providing constant value to the users rather than asking sales upfront.

According to twitter and research report, 93%  percent of people who follow small- and medium-sized business on Twitter plan to purchase from the SMBs they follow



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