7 Email Marketing Tips every small business owner should know to succeed online

If you’re a small business owner — regardless of industry — it is important for you to attract new customers and keep your current clients coming back, These email marketing tips made for business owners can help you nurture more loyal customer relationships build a stronger brand

An email marketing campaign is a cost-effective solution that gives you the ability to reach potential customers in a place most people visit every day — their inbox.

Whether you are operating an online shop, blog or small business website, email is an excellent way to retain your current customers and one of the most effective ways to convert new visitors into customers.

Tip #1. Make sure sign-up is appealing and easy

easy sign up
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This is the easiest and often mistake made by many small business websites. They do have a regular newsletter but what they don’t have is proper placement of subscription place/button on their website or social media.

By not having a proper subscription box on the website, you can miss lots of opportunities

The process of signing up should be easy because most people would likely to sign up if there is information to be filled. That is the name and email address would be sufficient.

From the customer point of view, they want easy and quick sign up

Tip #2. Offer reward as an incentive to be part of your email marketing list!

Email Marketing Tip #2: Provide free ebook download to build email list
Email Marketing Tip #2: The best way to build a large email list is to offer freebies such as eBook downloads.

Everyone loves a freebie! Offering an incentive upon sign up or discount could boost up your email list

Think why would they give you their email address? What’s in it for them?

The incentive can be in any form, and it doesn’t have to be costly, it could be a free e-book, discount or voucher code for something. It does work, its tried and tested one.

3. Know your audience, segment the list

When your email list will start to build up,  you may want to segment them accordingly so that your email marketing can be more efficient.

One may ask how? Consider this example.

You may don’t want to send the same email sent to 60year old woman that to same mail to 18year old. Both will perceive it will differ and it won’t be effective to one of them.

Catering the content according to their age, interest would get you more clicks than a monotonous same email to everyone on the list

A positive result from Lyris inc from the segmentation of the email list. It will help in the long run and its very important to connect with the audience at their interest level to see some good ROI for email marketing activities.

4. A design email newsletter that matches your brand

Email newsletter templates are great! Because of their easy usability. But also it’s important to have a custom design the template, so it should match your brand voice and identity.

Often when an email is sent, this point mostly ignored and the receiver will not feel connected to your brand if the design is not aligned with the brand message or website. There should be consistency in the email marketing campaign designs and the website so that it can build confidence from the start. 

Newsletter Types:

  • Email Newsletter for Small Businesses
  • Email Newsletter for Corporates
  • Email Newsletter for Independent Consultants
  • Email Newsletter for Professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Auditors, etc.

5. Your email newsletter should be mobile-friendly

Before you start your email campaign, you should test your email on the mobile device platform. Sometimes the template is not well designed for mobile

The report from marketing land suggests that mobile opening are nearly 68% compared with desktop ones and that number will likely to increase.

8 in 10 customers are more likely to check their email on the go on mobile devices. 
If your campaign is not well optimized for the mobile design. Then you may see poor conversion rate.

It’s a must for every email marketer to test their email campaign on a mobile device and also on different devices(iPad, iPhone, android etc). So the access to information can be easy on every device avoiding the poor conversion rates.

6. An attractive subject line to your email improves open-rate

Among all other email marketing tips, this one is the most important.  Your opening rate of email totally depends upon the subject line.

If people don’t open your email, no matter how good and helpful your content might be. Without a good headline, it won’t be effective at all.  So invest your time on the proper subject line that connects with the reader.

Few of the good rules to follow when composing the subject line are

  • Numbers and questions tend to get higher open rates if it’s done right. 
  • Humanize your subject line, it should connect on the emotional level. 
  • Keep it short and simple. It is advised to keep it between 6 to 10 words

It is found 21% of people opened emails having a subject line between 6 to 10. A good subject line with some personalization can get you some good positive results. 

7. Make it Easy to read

One of the advantages of email marketing is its reach to the inbox. Where people visit daily. With the power of personalization, you can make the reader feel more exclusive. For better results, get help from an experienced digital marketing consultant.



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